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Backup to Save Time, Money, and Peace of Mind

If anything characterizes the modern web it is WordPress. WordPress, and content management systems like it, make updating your own site possible and you seldom have to worry about calling a web developer to make sure your website says the right thing about your business. To borrow an oft-used phrase about high-technology we use everyday, “it just works”.

Except when it doesn’t. Things go wrong with websites and they stop working, or don’t work right. Although hacking might be a factor (click here to read more about guarding against malicious attacks), it’s just as likely the error is more pedestrian in nature. For example, an older plugin might be incompatible with an update to WordPress. Or an eager intern made a well intentioned but misguided update to your code. It’s even possible your web host had their own troubles and restored an older version of your site. In moments like this, it’s a good thing your have a backup so you can restore your site to proper working order

You do have a backup, right?

Fortunately, making a backup of your WordPress site is easy. WordPress is known for its diverse array of plugins and many of them are devoted to helping you backup and restore your site. If Envision built your site, one is already installed, but if not you can add one yourself. Once installed creating a backup is simple. The process can even be automated to occur at regular intervals and the files sent to a cloud storage account.

There are other options, of course, but none that can save you so much time and money. Many hosts offer plans that promise to backup your site. However, that backup might not predate the problems you are experiencing and site restoration could incur a costly fee. With the tools for backing up and restoring your site so easily obtained, it means that in an emergency your site will be down for minutes instead of hours, and at little cost to you.

The power of WordPress is that it gives you control of your site. You don’t have to wait for someone else to backup your site. The right plugin makes it easy and you’ll be ready if something catastrophic happens.