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Is Your Website a Geezer?

Your website is the gateway to your business and often providesĀ the first impression of your company.

If it is more than four years old, however, it may not be making the impression you want. Ā Design and technology change rapidly andĀ the website that was so new and leading edge just a few years ago can suddenly startĀ looking long in the tooth. It is not just a question of style – it’s that people expect you to be on the leading edge of whatever it is you do and look for reaffirmation in your website. (After all nobody wants to go to the dentist, IT consultant or marketing guru usingĀ yesterday’s techniques or technologies.)

An old site says:
– you are behind the times
– communicating with customers isn’t a priority
– you are selling stale products and old ideas

Like most peopleĀ I am very influenced by a website. A few months ago I was referred to an endodontistĀ for a root canal and like just about anyone I went online to check out the practice. I was met by an old site and not one that was particularly well designed. Rightly or wrongly I concluded that this was a stodgy practice and I went elsewhere in spite of the referral.

A lot of old things like antiques, pictures and grandparents are terrific but not your website. Take a critical look at your site, if it is a geezer freshen it up. It may need a little face lift or a complete overhaul but whatever time and money you spend will be more than offset by the business that you didn’t lose.