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Remove process friction to drive sales and build a better brand

Customers don’t like to have to work to spend their money.

However, friction exists in all sales processes and constitutes the roadblocks, hassles and inefficiencies built into your system. We embrace a paradigm that seeks to reduce and eliminate it. At a fundamental level we look at the buying process much as an engineer looks at a manufacturing process.

It’s a big deal.

Amazon doesn’t sell things you can’t get anywhere else. Their entire brand is built on removing friction from the buying process and in doing so they built a company with annual sales of $280 billion – and changed the way America shops.

Linear Change vs. Mindset Leaps

Linear friction
This is the friction we readily see and quickly fix such as reducing wait times, cutting steps or providing better quality information.

Mindset Leaps
This is non-linear and refers to the replacement of historical systems for completely new ones, frequently driven by technology.  Think of the jump from brick and mortar to online, horses to cars, or sit down restaurants to fast-food.

Bulletproof your Branding

The quality of the touchpoints with your customer, from information and attitude to ease of acquisition, impacts not only sales but brand perception.

Branding is all about perception and the experience – strong brands provide an excellent product but are also invested in giving customers the best possible experience.

Reducing Process Friction

Complete Information – leave nothing out
A significant hindrance to buying is incomplete information – questions about what a product does and doesn’t do and the extent to which it will fulfill buyer’s needs.

Make it faster
Quick trumps every other alternative.

Less decisions, not more
Research has conclusively proven that more options are not better.  Good brands serve up only the best options – not all the options.

No hassles
Remove every roadblock, extra click, unnecessary question, and annoyance. The operative thought is “no hassles”.

A Huge Opportunity

All systems all have bottlenecks and roadblocks slowing down the buying process, adding cost, and making it harder for the customer to buy. Some we simply accept because that is the way it is.  It used to take a trip to the bookstore to buy a book. Time – one hour. Time today via online purchase – 5 minutes.

All businesses have opportunities (often significant ones) to reduce linear process friction. Others may have the opportunity for a mindset leap. They may be big and obvious or involve a radical rethinking of your business.

Envision roots out and eliminates process friction driving sales and building a better brand.