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Our daily lives are spent separating the signal from the noise – what is meaningful and what is not. A superior website delivers a well-conceived user experience (UX) through a combination of design, cognition and technology.

When building a custom website, an iterative process
with strong communication produces
a superior product in less time, at less cost.

Our Process

Defining the Brand

A brand is best defined by owning a point of view. Too many believe that the broader their brand, the more people they will attract. What happens is the opposite: too broad, too bland, too boring. Great branding is all about clarity of message.


This is where we define the site structure and also the pathway that viewers will follow in navigating through your site.


This is where we breath life into the site. Starting with the homepage, we come to you with multiple designs then through successive rounds begin iterating with new concepts and revisions until a final design is approved.


Once the homepage is approved we code it for final approval. From there we create secondary page designs and begin adding content and completing the site.


This is the process of succinctly articulating what you do and for what audience – then saying it simply. Simple, descriptive, action focused.

Features / Functionality

Specific features, content, styles and functionality give a site its personality. This can include things such as video, sliders, forms, or motion graphics which make the site more engaging.


We edit or help with content — this can range from simple editing to complete copywriting. For websites, the best content is brief, simple, and tells a story.


Once fully approved and tested, we take your site live. Time to pop the champagne cork.

Post Deployment

The process of web development doesn’t end here. Envision is always available to help with updates, revisions, new content or site upgrades. In addition, we’re here to help with site maintenance or questions.