Whether you partner with us for a full strategic assessment, or just to learn a little more about your customers, we help you identify a path tailored to ensure the success of your brand.

See Your Customers as Individual People

For your brand to stay relevant, you need to see consumers as people. The larger your business and the further away from your customers the harder that is. Consumer behavior is both fascinating and vexing. Why do they do what they do? Why won’t they do what we want them to do? People will drive a couple of miles out their way to save 75 cents on a fill-up but happily spend $4 on a grande latte at Starbucks. Want to know why your customers do what they do?

Data Mining

A critical part of understanding consumers is mining the right data, including structured data (such as transaction records) and unstructured data (such as face to face comments, online posts or social media likes). We can help you combine new information with what you already know in order to learn more about your customer – or, in some cases, to discount what you think you know.

Advertising Trends

To succeed businesses need to advertise but people are increasingly distrustful of large institutions and advertising. Less than 20 percent of the general public trust business leaders and government officials to tell the truth. Only 15 percent of adults in the United States trust digital advertising such as social media posts, Web ads or e-mail blasts. They are more trusting of content they can find on their own terms, rather than that which is pushed out to them by brands. At the same time 79 percent said they at least sometimes check reviews before purchasing a product or service and, more than 88 percent of consumers say they are influenced by other consumers’ online comments. These trends have significant implications for the way companies market to potential customers.

Delivering Your Brand Promise

What is your brand promise and how well are you delivering it? In a world where consumers are inundated with brand messages, the most successful companies are relentless in understanding their customer, the value proposition and how to deliver it. Whether you partner with us for strategy, positioning or consumer research, we will help you identify a path that ensures the success of your brand.

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